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6 Reasons Why You Should Always Wear a Nurse Fob Watch

6 reasons to wear infinity nurse watches


Not all heroes wear capes. But all healthcare heroes should wear fobs! If you have visited or worked in a hospital, hospice or veterinary practice then the chances are you have seen many healthcare workers wearing an upside-down watch hanging from their uniform called a nurse fob watch, or nurse watch.

Nurse fob watches are seen as a necessity to most nurses and others in healthcare, with them being an essential tool for timekeeping on the job. Not only this, but their practicality, functionality and reliability make them a no-brainer for many people. We've seen nurses, midwives, vets and even hikers donning nurse watches and everyone that wears one agrees that they're awesome.

We've identified 6 reasons why healthcare workers choose to wear a nurse fob watch which we have outlined below.


The most obvious reason, but still one of the most important. It's important to keep time on any job and especially for those in healthcare. If you can't access your phone or you aren't allowed to wear a wrist watch, these provide a simple and effective way to keep on top of the time whilst on your shift.

This is really helpful for keeping your day and tasks on track and more importantly, knowing when your well-deserved break is. 

Simplicity and Convenience

Quite simply. nurse fobs make everything a lot simpler...simple! You can easily check the time with a nurse watch and you don't have to rely on your smartphone. They conveniently attach onto your uniform and can be removed just as easily.

 infinity nurse watch on uniform

It also doesn't look like your slacking off on your shift by checking your mobile constantly whilst working! Everything about them is simple, even cleaning them after your shift...


Wristwatches are not a practical option as they're always near workers' hands so it's easier for bacteria and germs to spread. By using a nurse watch, you can check the time by directly looking down and have minimal contact with the watch. This reduces the risk of spreading infection and is therefore far more practical than wristwatches or smartphones, which require you to use your hands too.

Nurse fob watches are also really easy to clean, in particular silicone watches. Silicone watches have a removable watch dial and metal pin so you can properly clean the entire watch. 


Nurse watches should last a while and they aren't reliant on a rechargeable battery, such as a mobile phone. Long shifts are common in healthcare and if you have a long shift at work, relying on a phone battery might prove problematic and you might get stuck. Having a nurse watch is a more reliable option by not being reliant on charge and will help you keep the time all day long.

infinity watches with nhs badge


Many use fob watches as a way of showing their style and to express themselves by brightening up their otherwise dull scrubs. There are a vast range of styles and shapes of nurse fob watches available so there really is a choice for everyone.

Plus they look classy on and can help you reflect your interests. A great example is that there are loads of animal print designs; what better way to show a love for dogs than with a Puppy Paw fob watch!

There are also some vibrant colourful designs or classic metal watches in gold, silver and bronze so you can pick and choose a fob to suit your style. It also might be nice for patients to see a few whacky designs and see some colour!'

metal fob watches for style


Aside from the basic timekeeping function, many fob watches have some great additional benefits. For example, there are digital watches that have stopwatch and alarm features, which make it simple for you to complete day-to-day tasks. Some fobs also have a torchlight feature which occasionally comes in really handy on your night shift.

Whilst they provide benefits that you might not need on every shift, they may just come in handy on the odd occasion. Nurses have reported that they use the stopwatch feature for taking pulses and using the alarm clock and the hourly bell for knowing when to administer medicines.


So there's multiple reasons why nurse fob watches should be considered a necessity for any nurse or healthcare professional. They're clean, efficient, stylish and most importantly, practical. We're sure there are more, so if you think of any make sure to let us know!

Nursefobs have a range of nurse fob watches available, from silicone watches to digital designs. They are high quality and Nursefobs donate 20% of profits to NHS charities for an added benefit for every fob you purchase!

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