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What is the Perfect Nurse Fob Watch for You?

nurse watches on a table

Time management is an important tool in the armoury of any nurse, but usually nurses can't wear regular wrist watches due to hygienic reasons which complicates things slightly.

Mobile devices are also not ideal as hard working, multi-tasking nurses may need both hands free and it also isn't overly hygienic. However, that shouldn't stop you from keeping the time and remaining organised whilst also adding some life and excitement to your scrubs in the form of a nurse fob watch, which attaches to your uniform upside down for easy viewing.

A nurse watch allows you to add personality and character to your uniform with many unique designs available, whilst also helping you perform on the job with crucial tasks such as taking a pulse or respiratory rates.

There are a range of styles, shapes, patterns and clock types to suit all nurses and healthcare professionals with the demands of different jobs. Here we'll break down the different type of nurse watches you can choose from with an explanation of the benefits of each type of fob.

Classic silicone nurse fob watch

silicone nurse fob watches

The most common type of nurse watch is the classic silicone fob watch. They are simple to use, easy to clean and usually the cheapest nurse watch option. This means they're the most flexible option for all nurses and healthcare staff.

One of the main benefits of silicone fob watches are the range of options that are available. You can really express yourself with some vibrant and wild designs, or you can keep it simple with single colour fob watches. This means they can suit anyone's style and there is the perfect design for everyone.

They are also really easy to clean; they usually come with a removable clip-on pin and watch dial so these can be taken out from the silicone layer at your pleasure. This allows you to properly disinfect the fob which is a really important factor for many people in healthcare. If you're in a profession which requires your fob to constantly be disinfected, this is one of the best options.

Nursefobs have one of the widest range of silicone nurse fob watches and they are all available on site. The funky & fun, colourful, heart shaped and floral collections are all silicone fob watches and are all, quite frankly, amazing.


  • Easiest and most effective to clean
  • Range of designs
  • Removable pin and watch dial

Digital nurse fob watches

digital nurse fob watch collection

Digital fob watches are becoming more and more popular in the nursing community given the additional benefits you get with a digital watch. Digital nurse watches are multi-functional with a range of features available on most watches. We've listed a few of the common features below.

  1. Stopwatch
  2. Alarm clock
  3. Hourly bell
  4. Light

These added features help some healthcare professionals perform their job; digital fobs can help nurses administer medication on a timed basis, as well as common reminders throughout the day through the use of alarms. The light is also a handy feature on the night shift!

Digital nurse watches are extremely durable and usually have a long lasting battery depending on the quality of fob you order. You can also change between 12 or 24 hour display which allows you to customise your fob to your liking.


  • Multi-functional
  • Long-lasting
  • Multiple display options

Infinity nurse fob watches

infinity nurse fob watch collection

This range is only available at Nursefobs but we had to mention them as we love them and we think you will too! The Infinity nurse fob watches are the premium range in the Nursefobs collection, with a quality metal finish and reinforced watch face. The designs on these watches are kept as simple, metallic-finished colours which shine on your uniform.

They use a slightly different clip feature which uses silicone rather than a metal pin which have more longevity but you need a pocket for the clip. This does also mean that these watches are really child-friendly by not using a metal pin, so they're perfect for anyone working on children's wards.

The watch face is also slightly larger than most standard fobs which will suit anyone who has trouble reading the watch face on smaller designs.


  • High quality and long lasting
  • Large watch face
  • Durable clip-on
  • Child-friendly

Metal fob watches

metal nurse fob watches nursefobs

Metal nurse watches are a classy edition to your scrubs. They are slightly less hygiene-friendly (although still easy to clean) and you may have to double check that you are allowed to wear one on your ward, but it's many people's preferred option given their smart and high-end design.

Metal fob watches usually come in gold, silver, rose gold or bronze. They are extremely durable, surprisingly light and the closest thing to resemble a more traditional watch.


  • Classic design
  • High quality metal
  • Durable


At the end of the day it is completely down to personal choice; each style of fob watch comes with it's benefits and some may be more suited to professions than others. Surely it can't hurt to have one of each and pick and choose according to the day?

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